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Ayurveg About Us

Ayurveg products are Taaza , which means fresh. We are known for fresh, natural ingredients, high quality standards and incredible taste at family-friendly prices.

Our  Everyday Gourmet  Indian ingredients enable home chefs to create authentic, delicious and healthy Indian meals in minutes. Each of our recipes, passed from generation to generation, is crafted to delight the palate and excite the appetite.

We start with the finest vegetarian and vegan ingredients: farm-fresh dairy   fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness. And prepare our cooking sauces, chutneys, ghee, chips, snacks, wraps, flatbreads and more traditionally in small batches according to strict Indian and Ayurvedic principles.

Over the course of Fifteen years we have been helping our local farmers with the creation of some new local products such as pickles and salsa. The pickles are under Nude Veg brand and Salsa is under Paraiso brand.

Welcome to Ayurveg! We hope you enjoy our  Home Style  family recipes!1