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Military Facilities Project

Name and location of the project: Water Proofing Building and Civil Work around Building 1304 at Joint Base Anacostia Bolling, Washington, D.C.

Public Works Department, JBAB, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Dept of Navy

Construction cost at award and final construction cost at completion.
To be furnished upon request

  Description of services provided.  
In a highly secured environment and around a secured building, The Benade Group, Inc. designed and constructed the solution to mitigate the Water infiltration/ flooding problems being experienced throughout the basement of Building 1304 at JBAB and to restore the foundation walls from damage due to the water intrusion.

Activities included :
Designed and obtained permit for the work including sediment and erosion control from D.C. Department of Environment.
2) Coordinated utility marking with the JBAB Utility and Miss Utility and specifically identify locations of secured lines to be avoided during machine excavation
3) Excavated along the building perimeter, clean and non- shrink hydraulic cement all around the walls particularly at locations with cracks and voids.
4) Apply water- proof membrane and drain connected to the roof drain.
5) Adjusted and connected steam, water, sewer and roof drain lines.
6) Backfilled and compacted at 8 inches lift.
7) Reseeded all disturbed areas.

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Government Facilities Project

Name and location of the project: Install VRF at A/C (HVAC) System at the USCG HQ Building 50, St. Elizabeth West Campus, Washington, D.C.

The General Services Administration

U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security

Construction cost at award and final construction cost at completion.
To be furnished upon request

Description of services provided.
Benade Group performed the installation of electrical work and the HVAC, Plumbing and other specialty work by its staff.

The work involved furnishing and installation of Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system connected to an existing HVAC system at a secured facility

The site work was being performed in a highly secured Department of Homeland Security Facility building that was 80% occupied even during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Benefits of the VRF System:
-Consistent comfort
-Quiet operation
-Energy efficiency
-Installation flexibility, great for tight spaces
-Heat & cool simultaneously
-Zoned heating & cooling
-State-of-the-art controls
-Fewer breakdowns/less downtime

Emergency/ Disaster Management

Name of Projects : 1)Logistic Construction Support Contract (LCSC)
  2) Direct Housing Assessment Team (DHAT)

Location of Projects:
Throughout the United States and Territories

Construction cost at award and final construction cost at completion.
Annual Limit of $1 million per contract per year for 4 years

Client: Dewberry Owner: Federal Emergency Management Description of services provided.
To be furnished upon requestOver 10 Task Orders during the 4 years of performance of the base contract and the 3 option years.

  The Scope of services included multiple general construction project during each option year pursuant to the RS Means Facility Construction Cost Data Book/ Software. General work included demolition, carpentry, Drywalls, electrical and mechanical upgrades, site work, ADA compliance, roofing and water proofing, window replacement, flooring/ carpeting and ceiling upgrades, painting, lightening, plumbing and HVAC.

Some Task Orders involve the coordination of multiple tasks such as architectural, mechanical and electrical tasks at the same time in occupy schools.

Tasks issued to Benade Group included was a Design/ Build Contract to build addition to Home Economics Lab, two Network and 2 orders of Computer Information Technology Laboratories and Media Broadcast Room. The client maxed out the contract capacity with multiple task orders every year and we are very responsive to their need.

Benade Group performed all the carpentry and some electrical work and subcontracted the HVAC, Plumbing and other specialty work to licensed and competent subcontractors.