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Government/ Office Building and Security System Project


Design/ Build, General Construction and Security Systems
Client: D.D. Department of Correction / Office of Property Management
Total Contract Amount : $1.35 M
Location : Washington, D.C.

This rehabilitation was a very complicated project that was successfully completed on time and at the bid price. It involved the execution of multiple tasks, utilizing multiple contractors at the same time in a restricted work environment for over two years. Our extensive renovation skills helped in the renovation with least amount of disturbance to the existing structure and interior layout of the building: implemented management methods for access control in restricted areas, risk minimization and management where demolition was involved, special planning to match the existing finishes and seamless integration with existing structure.

The renovation of the District of Columbia Jail is an ongoing renovation encompassing renovation work in 504,000 square feet facility on a 594,300 square feet parcel. Benade Key Staff performed the architectural, electrical and mechanical designs for the project. Consultants were utilized to perform the structural design/ analysis, laboratory analysis and other specialty consultants during the design and construction of the project. The project was procured as a series of tasks consisting of the following work scopes:

Armory Building
The task involved the design of the high security armory building for the D.C Jail. The construction involved blast proof armory room as well as installation of explosion proof electrical fittings. The doors also meet high security standards. Special heat detectors and fire alarm systems added to cater for armory environment.

A state of the art CCTV system is installed consisting of over 150 fixed 25 PTZ cameras. This is a total digital system with 25 servers connected in a network. Extensive use of fiber optic technology has ensured high communication bandwidth. The entire installation is tamper proof and vandal resistant. This project was featured on the television as one of the high-tech project being completed by the Department of Corrections.

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Environmental/ Energy Project


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management
Owner: US Department of State

Total Contract Amount: $3 million / Total Construction Budget$30 million
Location: Embassies Worldwide

As sub-consultant to Dynamic Corporation, This project involved a multiple visits to the different sites to inspect existing fiberglass fuel storage tanks to assess their suitability for use and installation.

To inspect the planned installation locations to determine the feasibility of Installing the existing tanks at these locations.

Gathering Specific Technical Site Data to develop Project design, Specifications, Cost Estimate, and Work Schedule for planned UST projects at post.

Diagnose, Pressure test UST System, RSA and Data Base, and Report preparation.

Provide Q/C and Technical Oversight for timely Completion during installation of the new fuel tank System at these Embassies World Wide: Papua-New Guinea, Lagos-Nigeria, Manilla-Phillipines, Hague-Netherlands, Yaoundé-Cameron, Libreville-Gabon, Cairo-Egypt, Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso, Azerbaijani-Baku, Minsk-Damascus Syria, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Kingston-Jamaica, Paramaribo-Suriname, Nouakchott-Mauritania, Bangkok-Thailand,

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