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Government/ Office Building and Health Facility Project

Name and location of the project :
Design Build for FDA Health Suites, Rockville, Maryland

Name of the prime contractor: Creative Builders, LLC

Construction cost at award and final construction cost at completion.
Firm Price of $127,200

Description of services
Design Build for Health Unit. The project involves Design for Interior – Architecture, mechanical, electrical, sprinkler system and telecommunications design. Construction of the architectural layout, retrofit mechanical, electrical and telecommunications.

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Health Facility Project


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management
Client: Dynamic Corporation

Total Contract Amount: $1,200,000
Location: Washington, D.C

The project involved the complete design for the renovation of an 10,000 square feet Senior Citizen Facility at Ward 7. The design required the coordination of an Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Design Team.

The conceptual design and programming of this project involved surveying the existing facility to inventory the equipment to determine the sizes of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing utility services. A comprehensive pre-design survey report was prepared with a preliminary layout to establish the functions of the proposed use and other requirements to improve the circulation and function of the facility as input by the client. The client’s input was sought throughout the design process as Benade Key staff were required to “Design To” budget constraints. Value Engineering reviews were conducted at each design phase to monitor the cost estimates because of the budget constraints and to satisfy the needs for an adult recreation facility.

Our key staff assisted during the bidding and construction phase of the project including construction administration services, coordination of all construction trades, responding to contractor generated RFIs, site inspections during all phases of construction and approving contractor payments based upon work completed by the contractor.

The primary scope is to provide an ADA upgraded and more secure building entry, the additional of new spaces, and upgrading existing finishes for durability and ease of maintenance to replace deteriorated conditions which require repeated repair work and extensive maintenance. The building footprint was also expanded to include 3,000 SF additional space

The project involved the replacement of all interior finishes from floors to ceilings, providing new interior finishes coordinated with the Department of Aging and the users of the facility. Special flooring was designed and installed in the gymnasium / exercise room to accommodate the special needs of the users.